Poker Room

This game experience will suit those who want a real challenge. We have an ace up our sleeve so you better have a good poker face to beat our bluff and walk away a winner.

(A classic escape room at its' finest. Very challenging. We recommend 4-10 people)

The Boardwalk

If you have fond memories of the boardwalk, you will love our interpretation in this themed room. Prepare yourself for a one of a kind experience. You have 60 minutes to exit the boardwalk, but what on earth would make you want to leave?

(A very different escape room experience. Challenging. We recommend 6-10 people)

Casino Cage

Ready to cash out?  Not quite yet.  First, you'll need valuables, vaults, and vital information to get out of the casino cage. Don't give your friends too much credit because they may not be able to help you. You might even have to be a crook to escape, but remember, security is always watching.

(A classic escape room but your group is split. Great for your first escape room. We recommend 4-8 people)

Backstage (COMING SOON!)

This theater has been dark for a long time, but there is still a secret lurking behind the red curtain. Your crew better not suffer from stage fright because this is no dress rehearsal. Take center stage and unmask this murder mystery as the the truth will set you free. Break a leg!