Challenge the Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Escape Room in Atlantic City, NJ

Getting married is the start of a great adventure. Of course, you’ve met many of your closest friends to get to this point. Before reaching the next level in your life, why not get the crew together for one more game? At Escape AC, we allow bridesmaids and groomsmen to test their wits—and their teamwork.

Located in the heart of the fabulous Tropicana Casino and Resort, our bachelor & bachelorette party escape room in Atlantic City, NJ, is just the thing to bring friends together. We are always hard at work, creating challenging games, and they are specially designed to give friends the times of their lives.

The Ultimate Destination for Friends

Engage your minds and strengthen your bonds. Our pre-wedding activities provide a thrilling time to solve puzzles and keep you on your toes. By overcoming the trials and challenges that wait in our complex, the taste of victory will be sweet.

Our themed escaped rooms feature different tests and gimmicks, providing an experience you won’t find anywhere else. These games are especially thrilling when played in groups—and what better crew is there than the people who have been with you all your life?

Assemble the squad, find the way out, and get ready for the time of your life. Escape AC is your destination for pre-wedding activities.

Contact us to book your spot to escape room group activities. We are located in Atlantic City, NJ.