Prices & FAQ

How much is it to participate, and where can I book a time slot?

Admission is $44.39 per person ($49.99 including all taxes). Reservations are purchased online via the link on our website, Facebook, or Twitter page or by Tropicana’s website. Online bookings are made securely and require full payment by credit or debit card at the time of purchase. Each room has a maximum number of slots that can be reserved per session.

Do I have to reserve all players? Can we add people when we arrive?

You do not have to reserve all players at the time of your reservation. We will be happy to add more players at the door when you arrive. We can add a few more people to the room’s maximum players (what we consider comfortably crowded) as well.

Is there an age restriction to play at your facility?

The rooms at Escape AC in Atlantic City, NJ, are designed for adults and are an extreme challenge. We recommend a minimum age of 13. All minors must be accompanied in the room by an adult. If you choose to purchase admission for children under the recommended age, please be aware that they may need to be aided by an adult for some puzzle content and for out-of-reach items in our escape rooms. We recommend The Boardwalk as your first choice with younger children. Backstage (dark and creepy) would also be a good choice.

Will we be with people we don't know?

While COVID-19 safety measures are in place, all games will be private. You will only play with the members of your group and will not be paired with strangers.

Are we actually locked in the room? What if I panic or need to “escape” early?

Yes. You are actually locked inside the room behind a heavy steel door. Make no mistake, you are trapped, and you must figure out how to escape. There is an emergency panic button next to the entry door that any participant may access in case of emergency. Pushing this button will release the door immediately so you can exit the room. However, this is essentially quitting. In the event of a “panic button” release, a refund will not be provided. To ensure safety, Escape AC staff monitors each room throughout the entire game. Please note that all of our game rooms are spacious. However, if you suffer from claustrophobia and/or panic attacks, you may not want to participate in this activity.

What if we get stuck on a clue and cannot solve it?

Escape AC will be watching your game as it progresses. You can earn hints along the way.

What if we are running late?

We are a live event. You must arrive 15 minutes before your slotted time. Your 60 minutes begins at your reservation time, whether you are in the room or not. If you arrive after the door to the room has been locked, you will not be allowed to participate. We do not offer refunds. Please leave enough time to park in the Tropicana parking deck and walk to our venue located on the ground level of the North Tower, down the escalators at il Verdi restaurant.

Do you have a storage area where I can leave a phone, camera, or anything I don't want to carry?

Yes. Escape AC provides lockers where you can leave your phones, cameras, etc. The use of cell phones and photography are not allowed once you enter the room. Please see the game rules below for more information. We want to avoid ‘spoilers’ that will ruin the fun for anyone else who hasn’t gone through the room yet. After your game experience, there is a photo opportunity area for you to get a group picture. Escape AC is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

How do gift cards (vouchers) work?

You can purchase a generic gift voucher for any number of participants (including applicable tax), which your recipient can then use for any game and time of their choice, or you can purchase a specific gift voucher and choose the game yourself (the date and time will still be up to your recipient). Your recipient can always pick a different game by calling us instead of redeeming the gift voucher online themselves. Please click here to purchase or redeem a gift voucher.

Do you offer corporate or group rates and accommodate special times?

Yes. Group rates begin at 18 or more people. Please contact us, call us at (609) 246-7772 or email us at for more information.

What are the rules inside our game rooms?

  • No cell phone use is permitted in our game rooms. Taking pictures or videos may expose EAC secrets and will result in forfeiting your game experience. We have lockers available upon request.
  • No food or drink inside the game rooms.
  • In case of an emergency, each game room is equipped with an EMERGENCY EXIT BUTTON. Once you leave the room, you will not be allowed to re-enter, and no refunds will be issued.
  • Please do not use force. If an object does not move or open easily, it is not meant to open. Please do not flip, move, or stand on heavy furniture. In the interest of safety, the rooms have been designed so that no climbing is necessary.
  • Do not put objects in pockets. Please keep all objects, especially keys, in the room. The use of electronic objects or outside tools is strictly prohibited.
  • Escape AC reserves the right to prohibit players who show signs of intoxication or aggressive behavior from entering the game rooms. This is an experience best served sober.
  • You must arrive 15 minutes before your slotted time. Your 60 minutes begins at your reservation time, whether you are in the room or not. If you arrive after the door to the room has been locked, you will not be allowed to participate.

Contact us if you have questions about any of our rules. We proudly serve fun seekers in the Atlantic City, NJ, area.